Gout Diet: How I Stay Gout Free in 14 Days

Here’s the brutal truth about gout diet:

There are WAY too many people that think “avoiding high purine food” is enough.

They say, “if you stop eating seafood, you'll not have gout”.

If only it were that easy…

Look, the food temptation is high. Everywhere you go, the delicious food pictures are calling you. 

If you’re serious about staying gout free and yet enjoy good food, you need to be very systematic with how you select and eat your food.

Otherwise you may feel paranoid about eating and fear about the next gout attack.

Well today I’m going to show you a technique that almost guarantees that you stay gout free.

Keep reading to learn how…

Eat Flush Technique: (Diet Habit for Gout Sufferers)

Previously, I had 3 rapid gout attacks, one after another. 

Well, 2 weeks after trying this "Eat Flush Technique" ... 

  • I have no gout attack
  • My pH level hovers around 7 — stable


eat flush technique


As a nice bonus, I’m able to carry out my usual running activity.

The best part?

You can do the same thing for your own body…even if you don’t have a huge brain memory to know which are the low purine food or connections with influential nutritionist.

Now, it's time for me to break down the step by step process I used. 

The 3-Steps to Using “Eat Flush Technique” To Stay Gout Free and Enjoy Good Food

There are 3 steps to the Eat Flush Technique.

Step 1: Drink warm water after you wake up

Step 2: Eat half

Step 3: Drink lots of water

Here’s why this technique works so well (and what it has to do with eat flush):

Have you ever walked out of a toilet and asked by your preschool teacher:

“Did you wash your hands and flush the toilet?”

Of course. (I hope you do)

And what you’re doing here is flushing your body toxins just like a toilet flush after you eat

Now: The Eat Flush Technique is just one of many strategies that I use to stay free from gout disease.

Step #1: Drink Warm Water After You Wake Up

Do you know that your body is dehydrated after your sleep?

Imagine not drinking any liquid for the next 5-8 hours. That’s exactly what you do while you sleep. When you’re sleeping, your body slowly becomes dehydrated as it needs water to run.

I recommend to drink at least 1 cup of warm water right after you wake up.

When you’re doing this diligently every morning, two amazing things starts to happen to your body.  

  • Warm water helps your body flush out toxins first thing in the morning.
  • Your brain works sharper

You are more fired up at the start of day, energized, feels lighter, and there’s clarity in your thoughts. Guess what, you also made better food choices for the day.

But what if you’re not really a water person?

That’s easy: add a few drops of lemon juice into the water to spice up the morning drink.

Now it’s time for step 2 of the Eat Flush Technique…

Step #2: Eat Half

Your next step is to eat half of the food if you’re unsure whether the food triggers your gout.

Have you ever walk by the wide selection of food in a buffet and said to yourself:

“Wow, that looks delicious! I wonder what is the purine content of this food.”

Of course not.

Who can remember the exact purine content of thousand different food out there?

Here’s how you can eat in a feast without friends asking you why you’re not eating:

Eat Half

You don’t eliminate all food, except those food that you’re very sure it has triggered your gout.

When you sit down for a meal, the only requirement is that you eat half of what’s on your plate if you think the purine content is little on the high side.

For example, if mushroom soup is your lunch, you can still have it. But, eat half.

I know, sometimes it’s difficult to prepare or eat just half a portion. You can separate them into two servings. It’s either you let someone else enjoy it or you save it for another meal.

Important Note: You know your own body better than anyone else. If you know there’s certain food or drink that you are allergy, you shouldn’t even attempt one small slice to eat.

Record Down

Writing down every meal, snack and sip of beer that you consume will make you more accountable for what you are eating.

In fact, stats show that ...

Your reaction to different foods can happen hours after you ate them.

The food journal is more than just writing down what you eat. It records how you feel afterwards. You realize what food your body reacts negatively towards. If you feel a slight ache at the big toe or other joint area and possibly a gout attack, then you are intolerant to these foods.

Well, if you tried to recall everything you ate or drank at the end of a day, chances are you may forget one or two things, and that’s completely normal.

I recommend to record down straight after a meal. It doesn’t take too long, just a minute or two. Do it.

I use this mobile app myFitnessPal. This's how it looks like as I noted down the food I eat during lunch.


Which is really important when you start to help your digestive systems to flush out…

Step #3: Drinks Lots of Water

Drinking water is the linchpin of the Eat Flush Technique.

While it is important to keep yourself hydrated, you must ensure you follow the right time to drink water after meal.

If you drink water right after your meals, you are tampering the natural time it takes for your food to digest.

I recommend to start drinking water 60 minutes after your meal. This helps your body to absorb nutrients. And continue to drink water throughout the day.

Now You Try It

That's how you can use the Eat Flush Technique to enjoy food while staying gout free. 

Unlike dieting, you don't need to starve yourself hoping not to get another gout. 

Ready to get started?

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